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You're using your metrics wrong!

Posted almost 6 years ago

If you’re using metrics only to debug and diagnose bugs and system issues, then you’re doing it wrong. You should be looking at metrics related to your code or infrastructure after each production change with the goal of identifying opportunities for optimizations and improvements. By doing this, you’ll often find issues before they compound into more critical problems.

Servant Based Leadership

Posted about 7 years ago

A good leader does everything that he/she can in order to enable and empower people under them to be successful so that, in turn, those individuals can make the leader successful.

A good leader exhibits this philosophy with every interaction with individuals that are under them in the management chain.

This doesn’t just apply to the leader’s direct reports but to all individuals within their reporting chain.

Sometimes I feel as if the farther a leader… [more]

Agile, Focus Factor, and Time Tracking

Posted almost 8 years ago

What is the ROI on time tracking in Agile?

From an engineers perspective

Time tracking sucks. It prolongs meetings, it forces an engineer to spend time sizing work instead of actually doing work, and it is a value that the engineer is held accountable to (even if it’s only self-imposed).

From a manager’s perspective

It validates your original estimates and gives quantifiable measurability to something that was “undefined”… [more]

On being thorough: DON'T PUSH IT OFF! FIX IT!

Posted about 8 years ago

One characteristic that I take pride in myself with is being thorough. I really don’t like to miss things. I really take it to heart when I write code and overlook something that someone else catches (whether it be a performance issue, bug, etc.). I don’t like my work to cause additional work for someone else. Of course, you’re going to miss something every now and then. They key is to internalize it. How did you miss this? What general… [more]

I think...

Posted over 9 years ago

I’ve noticed that when we are debating a topic that we frequently preface our points with ‘I think.’ For example, one might say, “I think Chef is a better configuration management tool than Puppet because…” or “I think KVM is a better virtualization solution than Zen because…” This is not a good practice during a debate. Why do people do it? What’s the purpose? Why should we avoid this during debates?

One of the reason’s we do this is to avoid confrontation. By… [more]

I've never worked with a lazy person

Posted over 9 years ago

I had a conversation with a buddy of mine today about how he feels that some of the people he works with just don’t get things done. He was a bit frustrated and simply could not understand why these people were so lazy.

The truth is, I’ve never worked with a lazy person.

This is a synopsis of how the conversation went.

I did not set the premis that there are not lazy people out there. I explained that some people simply don’t have the drive or… [more]