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On being thorough: DON'T PUSH IT OFF! FIX IT!

Posted almost 8 years ago

One characteristic that I take pride in myself with is being thorough. I really don’t like to miss things. I really take it to heart when I write code and overlook something that someone else catches (whether it be a performance issue, bug, etc.). I don’t like my work to cause additional work for someone else. Of course, you’re going to miss something every now and then. They key is to internalize it. How did you miss this? What general… [more]

Weekend project: Picture Frame

Posted over 9 years ago

I call this a weekend project, but it actually took a couple of weekends.

About a year ago I dismantled an old laptop and turned it into a digital picture frame. I decided that I wanted a way for people to see what I have on my picture frame and to be able to add new stuff to it.

You will notice a new tab on the right labeled ‘Picture Frame.’ This tab provides an interface to my real life digital picture frame located in my office. The idea is that I… [more]

Poker tab

Posted over 9 years ago

I just finished the newest addition to the site. You probably noticed the new ‘Poker’ tab. What is this? Well, I host a weekly poker game and thought that it would be nice to be able to have a tool that the players could use to track their stats. This new tab allows me to create tournaments and at that point people can RSVP to the tournament and track their buy-ins and winnings.

I knew I wanted to be able to do some graphing for statistics. I’ll probably add more later,… [more]

New Features

Posted over 9 years ago

I just finished with a pretty major update to the site. Most of the new stuff is under the covers. The update was prompted by me wanting to play around with the new features in Rails 3, but I found a lot of other things to improve once I got into the code.


Poker subscriptions

I don’t have to maintain and manage an email list of people who want to know when I’m having a poker game. User’s can now subscribe to the mailing list and when I… [more]