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Posted over 7 years ago

Using Vim as an IDE

Every time I started my computer to do some programming, I would stare at the Eclipse splash screen and watch that progress bar slowly move from left to right as the application booted up. The conveniences that came with such an IDE made this all worth while.

About a year ago I took my first dip into VI. I was hoping to find a light weight IDE and thought that I might be able to get what I needed with Vim and a few plugins. I really found it refreshing. However, there were some features I missed

I found rails.vim which had some really neat features like…

  • Jumping between model/controllers/tests for an associated object
  • Embedded rake/generate commands
  • Quick viewing of application logs

…but there were still some ‘must-haves’ that were missing.

In an IDE I must be able to…

  • Jump to a class/method from any location that is calling the method.
  • Method completion (show me what methods are available based on my context)
  • Class outline
  • SVN diff functionality

So, I switched back to using Eclipse.

Well things have changed. Introducing janus.

After running across this (via The Changlog recording I decided to give Vim another try. I couldn’t be happier.

If your interested in transitioning to Vim. My advice is to take it slow.

To those who are considering using vim, my recommendation is to use MacVIM, NERDTree, PeepOpen (or command-t), and use the mouse, arrow keys, and familiar OSX’isms all you want. Very quickly, it will become obvious that there’s a better way to do all kinds of things, and you can pile on the newly found efficiency once you’ve successfully made the switch without losing the ability to do work in the short-run.

Yahuda Katz

Also, There’s so much power in Vim that most of the quick reference sheets I’ve found were so overloaded with information I wasn’t interested in, that I couldn’t ‘quick reference’ what I was interested in. I suggest creating a quick cheat sheet of your own and have it handy so that you can add to it exactly what you find useful. You can get the one I created here.

What plugins do I have

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